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Join the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in the Fight Against SB 1718 Misinformation

The Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to standing up against the spread of misinformation surrounding Senate Bill 1718. With July 1st rapidly approaching, it is crucial that we address the surge of falsehoods within our Hispanic community head-on.
We invite you to join us in this critical mission by accessing our website, where you will discover a wide range of resources and tools designed to educate and empower our community. By utilizing this resource, you will equip yourself with accurate information needed to confidently navigate the changes ahead.
In today's digital age, misinformation can quickly gain momentum, captivating individuals with enticing but inaccurate narratives that prey upon their fears. The wave of misinformation surrounding SB 1718 has caused unprecedented instability in our business community, while also taking a toll on the peace of mind of hard-working people.
Your support in combating this misinformation is invaluable. Please help us by sharing this resource hub with your networks. Together, let's keep our community safe and ensure that Florida continues to be a great place to live and thrive.